In line with the values of the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Strategy (LTES), the Learning and Teaching Academy (LTA) is currently developing a framework for 'Open Educational Practice' across the university.

This is a request to all university staff for information on your current practice and your views including the barriers and benefits of Open Educational Practice.This survey is likely to take 15 minutes.

The data gathered will be used to form a baseline view of where the institution currently sits in relation to open educational practice which in turn will guide future initiatives and the Open Education Framework.

It is hoped that this survey will be followed up with focus groups and/or short one-to-one interviews. If you wish to be part of this ongoing dialogue please provide contact details at the approporiate point, otherwise all responses will remain anonymous. Contact details will only be used for arranging follow up interviews and will not be shared or published.

Please feel free to answer openly. You can download our full privacy notice regarding our use of Online Surveys from the LTA website.

Many thanks for your time.

Scott Connor

Learning and Teaching Academy

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