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School Link Pupils Early Student Experience Survey

Your Voice Matters

Welcome to the Early Student Experience Survey for our school partnership delivery.  The College are keen to gather your views about your experience so far rather than an experience on one day or about an isolated issue.  This will help us to identify where things are working well and to identify areas to improve your student experience. 


We recognise that our school link students are experiencing a mix of learning online and being on campus, whilst some have not been on campus and are learning purely online, using different digital technologies.  The questions in the survey have been designed with this in mind, so please think about your own personal experience of learning and support services.  The free text comment box is a really good way to provide more detailed information and we encourage you to use this.

We will not identify individual students in our findings and reports.  We really value your feedback, although please ensure your feedback is polite and constructive.  We will remove any qualitative responses that are rude, or contain bad language, or identify any individuals, staff, or students.

After we have collated responses, we will...

  • produce high level reports based on what you collectively tell us in the survey
  • provide feedback to students in a number of ways e.g. posters, focus groups, banners and news items
  • compare your views and share best practice

In appreciation of your time, you will be automatically entered into the prize draw. Two lucky students will receive a £20 voucher of their choice. Good Luck!

Privacy Notice

In addition to your views, we would like to undertake some comparable analysis to see if different groups within our student community have been adversely affected.  Such analysis involves the use of data relating to race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, age, gender, disability, and whether you have experience of having been in care (under a local authority social work department).  

You can read the full privacy notice here. Privacy Statement

Information about you

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Section (Information gathered in this section is used for statistical purposes and to help us ensure that we are being fair across our services to all groups of students and to individuals.)

My age band is:
My gender is:
My ethnicity is:
Please tick the following statement the you best relate to:
Care-experienced (have you been or are you currently in care or from a looked after background at any time in your life?)
Caring Responsibilities (Do you have unpaid caring responsibilities for a family member or friend who is ill, frail, disabled or has a mental health or addiction problems?)

This part of the survey uses a table of questions, 

Knowledge of the Gaelic language
Please select all that apply
I can understand spoken Gaelic
I can speak some Gaelic
I can fluently speak Gaelic
I can read Gaelic
I can write Gaelic