Page 1: Inverness Science Festival

Thank you for visiting the 2020 Inverness Science Festival survey.

All the family activities were created by staff and volunteers working from home whilst in lock down with limited resources. If you tried any of our activities, we would love find out what you thought. This survey has nine questions and should take about 5 minutes to complete.

If children in your household completed any of the activities, we would love to hear their opinions too. 

It would be great to see any photo of any of the item’s children made or activities they took part in throughout the festival or any pictures about how they felt about their science festival experience. These can be sent to or just uploaded on to the comments section of the ISF Facebook page. 

1.1. Please indicate which family activities page(s) you viewed:

This part of the survey uses a table of questions, 

3.3. How much did you enjoy the activity?

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8.8. How did you find out about the 2020 Online Festival?