Before you start the survey, please read the following information carefully. When you are ready, please click “NEXT” at the bottom of the page to proceed.             


What is the aim of the research?  This research aims to understand the impact of COVID-19 on UK seafood businesses and explore how to increase the future resilience of the seafood industry.

How long will the survey be open? The survey’s return-by date has been extended to September 30th.

This is extension of the original return-by date aims to ensure a better representation accross sectors and devolved nations.

Who is doing this survey? This research is being conducted by Dr Sofia Franco, Dr Suzi Billing, Dr Alan Macdonald and George Charalambides, at the Scottish Association for Marine Science. It is part of the RiseUp project, with University of Manchester and in partnership with Seafish.

Who is funding the research project? This research is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), a non-departmental public body funded by the UK government which supports independent, high quality research, which has an impact on business, the public sector and civil society. 

Who has reviewed the research project? A panel of independent experts have assessed this research project for ESRC. This research has also been reviewed and approved by the University of Highlands and Islands, Research Ethics Committee.



Why have I been approached, and do I have to take part? We are interested in speaking to businesses in the UK seafood industry, including fisheries and aquaculture, processors, supply chain, logistics, traders, wholesale, retailers and foodservice. Participation in the study is entirely voluntary and ensures the industry is adequately represented.

What would I be asked to do if I decide to take part? If you agree to take part, you will be asked about your company, performance during COVID-19, actions taken and you professional opinion on a number of aspects related to business resilience. The survey should take 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

How can the survey be completed? The survey can be completed either: (1) online, by yourself and at your own convenience, or alternatively (ii) via phone or videocall, by emailing us to arrange an appointment at a time convenient to you. The researcher will then call you and complete the survey verbally.

What do I need to know to complete the survey?  You will need at least information about your company’s turnover, capacity, market demand, costs and workforce. You will also be asked your role and email (optional). We will NOT ask you to provide names of individual customers or suppliers, only their business type. Some questions will ask you for annual figures (e.g. turnover), so it will be helpful to have your finance records at hand.

What will happen to the results of the study and where can I find more information? The results will be used to inform academic outputs, reported at conferences and published in academic journals, as well as policy briefs and communications to the industry and government departments, and will be made available in the project website.

Are there any potential benefits? There are no direct benefits to yourself or your company of taking part in this study, though we aim to make findings rapidly available to help inform decision-making. 

Are there any risks? No, but we would request you not provide any information you feel is commercially sensitive. In case you inadvertently provide information you would prefer us not to use, please contact George Charalambides by the return-by date requesting this data to be deleted. 

What happens if I change my mind or want to withdraw from the study? You have a right to decline the invitation or to withdraw from the study at any time without providing an explanation or incurring any penalty. However, it will not be possible to remove your data from the project once it has been anonymised, as we will not be able to identify your specific data. For this reason, any decision to withdraw your data needs to be emailed to us the latest by October 7th, within a week of the return-by date. Your decision to withdraw does not affect your data protection rights.

What if something goes wrong? It is extremely unlikely that something will go wrong. However, you should know that SAMS/UHI have procedures in place for reporting, investigating, recording and handling adverse events and complaints from study participants. We are insured for staff to carry out research involving human participants and SAMS/UHI REC know about this research project and have approved it. Please see below on how to lodge a complaint.



How will the data be used and stored during and after the study? Survey data will be collected through the Online Survey platform and securely kept on SAMS servers, where only SAMS researchers as "survey owners”, will have access to it. Once the data has been exported, personal information will be anonymised as soon as possible and the data will not be traceable to you or your business. Only SAMS researchers will have access to the data during the anonymisation process, when responses will be assigned a code and any identifying information will be removed, to protect anonymity.  For the duration of the project, individual anonymised responses will be accessible to RiseUp’s research team solely, retained and used as described and until the end of 2022 only. RiseUp’s research team includes researchers from SAMS, the University of Manchester and Seafish (the list of researchers can be found in the project website). This data will not be sent out of the EU and the processing will not involve automated decision-making. Individuals from SAMS or regulatory authorities may need to look at the data collected for this study to ensure the project is being carried out as planned, but all individuals involved in auditing and monitoring will have a strict duty of confidentiality to you as a participant. At the end of the project, fully anonymised aggregated survey data will be deposited for archiving in the UK Data Archive, for at least 10 years. Aggregated data will be publicly available under a Creative Commons licence and assigned a persistent identifier (DOI) and might be re-used by third parties for non-profit research purposes.

Will data be held in strict confidentiality? All information you provide is strictly confidential, with names or any identifiable information not attached to the data and respondents only identified by a code number. Anonymised individual data will be only accessible to RiseUp’s research team.

What information will you collect about me? In order to participate in this research project, we will collect information that could identify you, such as your current role and company contact details, should you choose to provide this.

Under what legal basis are you collecting this information? We are collecting and storing this personal identifiable information in accordance with data protection law which protect your rights. These rights state that we must have a legal basis (specific reason) for collecting your data. For this study, the specific reason is that you have explicitly consented, by completing the given consent form.

What are my rights in relation to the information you will collect about me? You have a number of rights under data protection law regarding your personal information. These include the right to withdraw consent at any time if consent is our lawful basis for processing your data, the right to access your personal data, the right to rectification if the personal data we hold about you is incorrect, the right to restrict processing of your personal data, the right to request erasure (deletion) of your personal data. The right to data portability and the right to object to our processing of your personal data apply only in certain circumstances. For any queries or concerns about how your personal data is being processed you can contact SAMS' Data Privacy Manager.

Will my participation in the study be confidential and my personal identifiable information be protected? In accordance with data protection law, the Data Controller of the information being collected is the Scottish Association for Marine Science (Scottish Marine Institute, Oban, Argyll, PA37 1QA. Phone: 01631 559000). This means that SAMS is responsible for making sure your personal information is kept secure, confidential and used only in the way you have been told it will be used. All researchers are trained with this responsibility in mind, and your data will be looked after as previously described.

What if I have a complaint? If you have a complaint that you wish to direct to members of the research team, please contact RiseUp’s principal investigator here. If you wish to make a formal complaint to someone independent of the research team or if you are not satisfied with the response you have gained from the researchers in the first instance, then please contact UHI's Research Ethics Officer. If you wish to contact us about your data protection rights, please email SAMS' Data Privacy Manager, who will guide you through the process of exercising your rights. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office about our handling of your personal identifiable information. For more information about ICO’s role, please consult or call 0303 123 1113.

If you have further questions, please contact the project lead Dr Sofia C. Franco, or George Charalambides, who is managing the online survey.