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Thank you for taking the time to read this survey. We are looking for some feedback from our recent senior phase promotion and application process for our college courses for school pupils offering. We are not collecting any personal data on this survey, but please contact if you have any questions.

1.1. Please select the answer option that applied to you:
2.2. How did you find out about the North Highland College UHI senior phase courses?
3.3. Have you received a copy of the senior phase booklets outlining the college courses available to school pupils?
a.3.a. How useful have you found this booklet when making your senior phase choice?
4.4. Have you visited the North Highland College UHI schools section webpage?
5.5. Have you found this page useful to find out more about senior phase courses?
6.6. What page have you found particularly useful?
7.7. This year we introduced online applications for senior phase courses. We would like your feedback on how you found the application process: