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1.1. Gender? Required
2.2. Which age range are you in? Required
4.4. How many holidays or vacations would you say you go on in one calendar year? Required
6.6. Have you heard of Sutherland, in the Scottish Highlands as a golf destination? IF NO, have you heard of clubs such as Royal Dornoch or Brora? Required
7.7. Have you or anybody you know played golf in Sutherland? Required
13.13. Have you heard of the project called Coul Links, backed by Mike Keiser? IF YES, would its decision not to go ahead affect your decision on whether or not to choose Sutherland as a golf destination? Please use the comment box to tell us why it would affect your decision. Required
14.14. How much would you expect to spend on a trip to Sutherland for golf? Inclusive of flights, accommodation, transfers, food, drink and spending money. Required
15.15. Would world health threats such as the current COVID-19 virus affect your decision to travel to Sutherland for golf in the future? Required
16.16. If borders re-opened and travel bans were lifted, how long do you think it would take for you to book a golf trip in Scotland? Required